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Update on Alan, news not good


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Alan has had a rough few weeks. Lots of weight loss and general over all not feeling well. It was confirmed today that his cancer has once again returned. The offical report is the metastasis is within the, Right hila, Right paratracheal, right internal mammary, bilateral carinal and subcarinal lymphatic chains there is also paraesophegeal lymphatic chain at the level of T6. Alan will begin chemo the day after Christmas. The chemo Dr. Mahmood

as choosen is 50mg Etoposide Capsule. Alan, I think

is more worried about chemo than the cancer. He has

such a bad time with chemo before. Dr. Mahmood has

assured us this chemo is very mild compared to the

1st line chemo he was given.

So we will once again be starting off a new year battling the beast.

This is Alan's 4th go round with the beast in 3 years.

He has lost a significant amount of weight and is down to 151 pounds. Dr. Mahmood will take great care

to insure Alan doesn't loose much more weight. As he

stated today, Alan is nothing more that skin and bone.

So our Holiday's may not be as cheery and bright as

we had hope, but at the same time we will still be

together with our family and for that we are happy.

A few prayers that Alan handles chemo well would be appreciated

Thanks again to everyone for the constant support given to all on this board.

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Debbie and Alan,

I just hate to hear that Alan has to fight the beast again. Many prayers for this chemo to go smoothly and he regains some strength and weight. This news is so much harder for the two of you because of the season. Try to make it as good as possible.

God bless and hugs sent,


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I hate, hate, hate hearing that the cancer is back. I have gone into Alan's profile time and time again cheering him on and praying that the cancer was not going to show it's ugly head again. I pray that the oral etoposide is strong enough to kill cancer cells and mild enough so Alan can withstand it. My prayers for you and Alan through this next round.

Please know that my heart just aches for you two because we know and we're there too right now.

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THat Was one that Deb had and she had good luck with it for a while and it was milder than the rest. nice thing was much like Tarceva you do not have to involve the hospital as much. IF the pharmacists are not familiar with it and the cost, It can be a surprise to see ordered. I know Debs staff was initially shocked until I edumacated them about it...

Prayers and Hugs adn lots of heavy cream soups for Alan. Prayers for a Happy Memorable Xmas for both of you right now.....((((((((((((((Deb and Alan))))))))))))))

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What rotten news! I hope the chemo is a success and is easy on Alan. Hopefully Alan will be able to eat more and put some weight back on. I know how hard that must be for you if he doesn't have much of an appetite. Maybe you can make him some milkshakes with Ensure to help.


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Debbie, I am sorry to hear this. You were so kind to me in PM; I wanted to share with you that I have on my desk the original article from the Annals of Oncology 1997: "Long Term Survivors of Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC): A French Multicenter Study". I believe you can get this yourself if you go to Pubmed.gov and do a search. There are multiple authors. I believe the abstract is free and then you will have to pay for the full article.

The gist of it focuses on patients who survive for at least 30 months and then relapse CAN AND DO go on to survive for another 30++ months following treatment. This is true even in patients with extensive disease.

I hope this helps somewhat and I hope that the chemotherapy works.

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Many prayers will be said for you guys. So sorry to hear some of the sparkle will be missing from this holiday season. You are an awesome team and I feel certain you can beat this back once again. I'm just sad that you have to. This is the holiday of miracles.......may you receive one.


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Oh Debbie my heart sank when I read your post. I really throught Allen was doing so well. Back in June he was NED and rememember how happy that was.

This disease sucks BIG time.:evil: I am so sorry for his diagnosis. But he will get through this again.

I know you will have a nice holiday even with the news as you will be surrounding by your love ones.,

Hang strong... we are always here for you.

Maryanne :cry:

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