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Connie(1) 12/28- 12/31


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Maurie says Connie had a bad night last night and a chest x-ray that saw some fluid build up on her lung and some raspy breaths.

She did do some exercises today, pressure and oxygen levels were ok.

They are watching her tonight to see if she will need another chest tube to drain the fluid.

She was more aware this afternoon than she was this morning- actual conversations with Maurie.

Lots of pain -but things are still encouraging.

Monitoring the fluid, breathing, and bleeding...

Please continue to pray for her smooth recovery, and we will keep you updated as things progress.

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I saw Connie at the hospital today around noon. She had been up in the chair for 1 and !/2 hrs . Physical therapy had gotten her up to do leg exercises etc. She was exausted. For breakfast she had had broth and jello. Many of us know how it feels to have a couple of chest tubes ( Yuck) and she had many other tubes draining this and that and IV lines and pain medicine pumps. They didn't know yet what the CT showed.

She has a big heart pillow in red. The surgeon drew on it some of the things he did for her. Praying she continues to progress . DonnaG

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***UPDATED 12/22

I just spoke with Maurie and there have been some complications

develop from the new chest tube today and even though a tremendous

amount of fluid was drained, Connie is in uncontrollable pain. It is

terrible. Maurie has many voicemails and he asked me to contact all of

you to let you know he cannot return your calls now and most likely

will spend the night at the hospital. Please continue your prayers and

I will keep you posted with any news.


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Many, many prayers for Connie. I have been lurking specifically waiting for this update. She was so kind to reach out to me in PM to ask me how I was doing, the day before her surgery. I was astonished that she would take the time to think about me, and ask about me, given she was having surgery in less than 48 hours. Surely such a wonderful person will be granted God's grace. This is surely just a tight spot and the doctors will get her through it and the rest will be smooth sailing.

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