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Update: Cyberknife or Surgery


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Just wanted to give folks an update. I met with Cyberknife radiologist regarding my Adrenal gland tumour and the potentially cancerous lymphnode in the same general area and whether cyberknife would work. He told me that he spoke to my oncologist and I should go for the surgery but if for some reason the surgeon would not do the surgery then I could go back to him and they would look into the risks with Cyberknife further. There is some concern that the radiation dose that cyberknife would give to the Adrenal gland could cause havoc on my blood pressure.

I have an appointment with the surgeon next Thursday to discuss the surgery. I just hope they can get this done as quickly as possible since it has already been about four weeks with no chemo.

I'll update again once I have spoken to the surgeon.


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I hope the waiting flies by since you have Christmas to occupy a big chunk of the time. Hopefully the surgeon will say you are a good candidate and do it. I wish so badly for 2008 to be a great year for you and to get rid of this beast.

Merry Christmas and good luck next week.


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Hi Lily,

Dang it, I just hate the waiting and wondering period. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have access to all docs, scans, and clinics immediately? We could jump to the next phase of treatment so much quicker.

I have my fingers crossed that you will get to see the surgeon soon! You are in my prayers,


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