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Walking home from school one day, two brothers stopped to observe a construction site. Later that evening, in the privacy of their room, they reviewed the colorful language they picked up on. They wanted to incorporate some of their newly learned phrases into their vocabulary, so they vowed that at breakfast the next morning one of them would say 'What the h*ll', and the other would say 'Bet your *ss'.

In the morning they came downstairs for breakfast. Their mother asked, "What would you boys like for breakfast today?"

The first boy said, "What the h*ll, I'll have Cheerios!" The mother angrily replied, "Where did you learn to speak to me like that? I didn't raise you to speak like that in this house! Now, you go straight up to your room!"

Turning to the other boy the mother snapped, "And what do you want to eat?"

Not wanting to break his vow to his humiliated brother, the second boy said, "Gee, I don't know, but you can bet your *ss I'm not having Cheerios!" :lol:

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