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Three year survivor


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I am new to this board but not to this topic. I am 66 y/o male non smoker and three year (almost) survivor of NSCLC(Adeanocarcinoma). I was diagnosed in March of 05 as stage IIB (5cm mass) and had a resection of my left upper lobe. After adjuvant chemo with Carbo/taxol, I figured I was home free, so it was another big surprise, when the cancer recurred two year ago.. this time with mets to the bones (shoulder, hip, and spine x4). Went on Tarceva then, in Jul 07, Alimata (plus Zometa) and have been more or less stable since then (25 rounds).

I still consider myself to be very lucky. I am still very active and manage to stay fit. Like the ancient mariner, I feel an obligation to spread the news about Lung Cancer and how badly this disease has been treated by the National Health establishnment. I have become an activist on this and am very involved with the Lung Cancer Alliance where we are fighting for Federal funding for Lung Cancer research among other things. Glad to be part of this forum

Phil C

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Hi Phil. Welcome. We , and our families need to get the word out about the leading cancer killer-Lung Cancer. Many of us here are trying to do just that. Hope you have looked at the different ribbon subjects and looked over the events we have had. Keep us posted on how you are doing and what you are doing. Again , welcome.


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