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Jim back in the hospital


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Hi All and Happy Holidays.

My Jim is in the hospital again. He has been in since December 3rd. Alot has been going on since I last logged on. He came in for the follow up CT scan of his brain and they admitted him immediatley for dehydration. They did a few tests while he was in since he started feeling so poorly. He was having back pain, dizziness, ears ringing so the doc ordered a MRI of his spine a less invasive then a spinal tap(which they wanted to do). They found a tumor on his spinal cord and called it Carcinomatous Meningitis. Not good news. However, Jim continues to be strong and remains totally positive. Now, he has been on coumadin for weeks due to the last time he was in for blood clots. So now, this is a problem. He needs to have something called a Ommaya Reservoir place in his brain and with this he will receive chemo for this now newly frightening diagnosis. He cannot have this until his INR level is back to at least 1. They agave him 4 bags of plasma and it finally helped. Surgery was a success. Jim is doing great. This is now been two days since surgery and he is funnier than ever and ready to go home with me and the kids for the holidays. First, he has to have chemo on both his lungs and his spine(through the ommaya)on Christmas Eve morning. The plan is to go home immediatley after. This will be his first experience with chemo. We are frightened. I have to run I will re do my list of what has been going on soon. The docs just walked in.

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