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Trying to look up....

David W

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I've had one round of gemzar/navelbine(once/week for three weeks) and in that amount of time have developed a 2x2 cm tumor on my adrenal gland. Found it during a CT scan looking for causes of abdominal distress that i've had since the last chemo. I'm trying not to bum too heavy.

Trying to think how this the best for me. Maybe this will give my onc. reason to question previous treatment. Anybody see any reason for optimism?.....................seems like down to me. God Bless, Dave W.

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I had (have) a 2cm tumor on my left adrenal gland....it was mistaken for a cyst for a long time (a couple of years), but it turns out to be a benign adrenal tumor. It just "popped up" (not visible on CT one month, then a few months later there it was). I know we are all different, but I've had several PET scans since it was first found, and it never shows up on PET. They are not always malignant.

I'm hoping yours is just a benign adrenal tumor....I read someplace that quite a few people who have lung cancer also have benign tumors on the adrenal(s).

Hang in there, David....and don't give up HOPE.

Fay A.

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Hey Dave:

Sorry to hear, OK, so there's no doubt about it, LUNG CANCER SUCKS !!; :x:x:x:x ; whats positive is that your an advocate for your own illness and doing all you can, I know maybe a bit thin, but what are going to do??

Take a deep breath, pick yourself up and keep on keepin on, Give the doc a call and tell him how your feeling, I'm pullin for ya Dave, your a fighter!! :x:x

sides, you got alot of people praying for ya!

God bless and hang in there!!

Bobmc- NSCLC- stage IIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Hang in there. Keep your chin up. Things are as gloomy as you allow them to be.

Miracles happen every day. I am one. I was too ignorant of the facts to know that I was supposed to die, so I didn't. I stuck around. I figured I didn't have an option.

Guess what? You don't either. You're sticking around.

Believe in miracles and prayer, and have faith -- strong faith -- that you and modern medicine together will beat this yet, taking it one little step at a time. Your job right now is not to get gloomy, but to count the very small blessings, and keep counting, until you start to look up from down. Okay?

I will if you will.

Love and strength pouring from me to you.


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Sorry this is happening...Try to remain positive, and think good thoughts!

We are here if you want to scream, rant and rave about how much cancer sucks. Nothing about cancer, especially lung cancer is fair!

Praying for good results from the tests!


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PRAYING for you David and that it is a good report you get on this next test. Don't give in and take a deep breath...you can do this. We're all here for you.

God Bless you and yours,


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Those bummer feelings are natural upon first hearing negative changes in our scans, but your natural fighting attitude is already coming to the fore! I love your attitude of burning out rather than fading away...hang on to that thought. Prayers coming your way for better news.

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