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Do they mean anything?

The past two days that I have been home I have had some intense dreams, and I rarely ever dream.

Night #1 was about both my parents (which has only ever happened once) and it was a doozey and I cried in my sleep and woke up crying. It was a tough one.

Night #2 I dreamt about a LCSC member who recently passed away. (I've NEVER dreamt of anyone from here before who has passed away) and it was a really good dream....


Let me know what you think about them...

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Hi Katie,

I can't say that I am a big believer in dreams meaning something. My sister on the other hand tries to analyze them all of the time.

I rarely ever dream, and the times that I do, I rarely remember them. I do however notice that when I have dreamed, I usually am stressed out from something during the day. I know you have had tons on your plate lately, maybe that is the cause?

I look forward to hearing what others think.

I hope you get a goods night sleep tonight.


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I think some dreams mean something, but I don't know what exactly.

Almost all of my dreams with Bill are with him being healthy and us living our typical life. I can only recall three dreams where I knew he was gone (or going), or where illness was in the dream -- and they all happened shortly after losing him. I attribute this to my still not fully accepting the reality of his death. But that's just my guess.

Call me weird, but I believe that God works in our dreams, and that can include glimpses of our loved ones or people who had meaning in our lives.

Bill told me of a dream with his mum, who also died of LC just over 7 years ago. He had been hoping and wishing for a dream or some other sign. He was a lucid dreamer. One night he had some incidental dream. But right in the midst of it, a limo drove by. The window rolled down and it was his mum. She looked right at him, smiled and waved. The fact that she was in a limo was bizarre. He believed she was saying "goodbye."

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I'm not sure what I believe about dreams. If it wasn't a good one, I like to think that it's just my mind trying to work out some of my waking time stresses. When it's a good one, I like to think it is a sign or message. I doubt that this is really the way it works.

I wish we all could have dreams about our loved ones that bring us comfort every night.

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If you don't have some free time right now, skip this -- it's long and rambling!

Dreams...do they mean anything?

Sixteen months ago I would have answered with a shrug and "I dunno." But now I do have some ideas, and they stem from a concept that I found mind-boggling at first and gradually became convinced is true, although I may never come close to understanding it:

We are all connected to, and actually part of, everything that exists, and this "everything" includes a record or memory of all that has ever occurred.

I believe our brains are wired to permit only a tiny fraction of that information to come through as conscious thought, just enough and of the kinds needed for us to function as humans on Planet Earth. Some people, through meditation and other techniques, are able to adjust their filters in a somewhat controlled manner to gain special insights. Others develop malfunctions which they cannot control, losing the ability to distinguish what's happening here and now from other images and impressions. Some experiment with drugs, often with disastrous results.

During sleep, with our sensory load reduced, we seem able to access information and make associations that are normally blocked when we are awake. Some dreams may be free-association extrapolations of something we recently experienced. Last night, I dreamed I was driving a new car on a smooth interstate highway in hilly country, fiddling with an unfamiliar GPS gadget, and my wife shouted "watch your speed!" as I noticed I was doing 90 on a downslope with a sharp curve ahead. This undoubtedly came from earlier this week when I was driving her to a nearby town to pick up her car after service, I answered a cell phone call just as we were entering an intersection with traffic ahead, and she said "you're swerving!" Lesson learned: no more answering the cell phone when driving. Even with a hands-off device, the extra load can drain my chemo brain to the danger point.

I've had only one dream I would consider a premonition, and that was in high school. I was scheduled to travel with a small group by bus to an all-state band festival the following week, and in my dream I arrived at the festival without my trumpet, which I needed to audition for chair placement that evening. On the day of the actual trip, we were informed that this would not be a direct bus, but we would need to transfer to another in Ft. Worth. We were having a good old time and I thought nothing of it, then when we arrived at Mineral Wells on the second bus, I discovered my trumpet had not made the transfer! Thanks to fast work by a compassionate station manager, it arrived on the next bus just 20 minutes before my audition. Lesson learned! Premonitions in dreams and otherwise have long puzzled me, because in spite of all this time-space quantum nonlocality stuff, it seems unreasonable that we could see something happen before it has happened. I now believe what occurs is that we subconsciously tune in to an existing scenario (like the normal bus station routine in Ft. Worth) and this new information is subconsciously combined with our known plans to present a picture of "what could happen" if events progress as they're going at the moment. Importantly, this means that the event does not have to unfold as seen in the dream, but can be changed by conscious action on our part. I like that a lot better!

That's about as exciting as it gets in my dreams. Oh, I sometimes get the common one about being caught outside without my pants and hoping nobody will notice. Or the one where final exams are coming up and I realize there's one class that I've never attended, then I wake up and am relieved to remember I finished college 50 years ago and don't need to worry. My most repetitive dream is that I'm getting ready to fly some airplane that I've flown hundreds of times before, but don't remember the switch sequence for engine start and can't find my checklist and am too embarrassed to ask. As I start to awake I begin to realize that hey, I've got an inner ear problem that disqualifies me from flying, plus now I've got lung cancer, so I really don't need to remember how to start this airplane and I can relax! Is that weird, or what?

But unlike some, I hardly ever dream about a person or a pet who has passed on. I think that would be nice.



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Ya know, Ned, I've NEVER had the dream of being caught outside with my pants down, but it HAS happened to me in real life!

Picture winter in Fairbanks, Alaska. Cold outside, cars are started to warm 'em up before leaving... I'm dressed, am finishing up on preparing the child for daycare and school and head out to start the car. I'm standing on the front porch (in the dark) and feel colder than normal, look down and my skirt is pooled at my feet! Thank goodness I was wearing tights and not something more age-appropriate! :oops:

Six in the morning, not anyone to witness it...

I believe in connecting with loved ones in dreams. Unfortunately, it seems to be one of those things not remembered upon waking most mornings. I must be having good dreams, as I feel rested most mornings, but I remember NOTHING of the night's movie in my mind... (Sure beats the nightmares, though!)

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It really bothers me that I haven't been able to dream about my mom yet. Maybe my subconscious isn't ready for that yet, but the rest of me is. It took me years before I saw my dad in a dream, and that has ony happened a few times over the last 30 years.

My kids have both had very vivid dreams about Mom, and talked to her. I've just told them to tell her I love her next time they 'see' her.


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Katie, I too have had a couple of nights filled with dreams. One night I dreamed of my parents and one night my dream was about Dennis. Since losing Dennis, my dreams seem to have more meaning than they ever have before. Sometimes, they have actually been a preminition of things to come. I do believe that while sleeping, our minds are more at least and are are more open to allowing things (and loved ones) access!!! By the way, I hope all of your dreams are good ones!!!

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