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New Member, Antonella


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I am reposting this from a new member, ANTONELLA..

Welcome Antonella.

good it looks like I'm on. I have a question. Apparantly I have been diagnosed as stage 1A according to the cat scan and needle biopsy, but I have been nautious, lost appetite, weak and have lost 10 lbs in three weeks. My worry is that it is further than stage 1A. Does anyone know these symptoms?


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Hi Antonella,

I don't think I have heard others talk about symptoms similar to yours connected with lung cancer.

I was diagnosed at IIIa and didn't have any symptoms. I also had my cancer come back in my bone, the only symptom I had then was pain.

I would discuss the symptoms with your doctor to find the cause. Stress, lack of sleep, viruses, flu, thyroid problems, etc. could be just a few other causes.

All my best to you, let us know how you are doing.


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Hi, Antonella, welcome! I'm glad to see Christine rescued your post from another topic thread and created a "New Topic" for your question.

Weight loss (though not loss of appetite) is a fairly common early symptom of lung cancer since the tumor causes various changes in the body that cause it to burn calories faster than normal -- so even if you're eating the same as before, you may lose weight. The trouble is, many of us have been trying to lose weight for years, and we're overjoyed to find that our efforts are finally paying off, then comes the bad news.

But loss of appetite, nausea, and weakness are not commonly associated with lung cancer initially, and I think there's a good chance something else is going on too. Weakness and shortness of breath (we call it SOB) can be caused by a large pleural effusion (fluid outside of the lung preventing it from expanding out to the chest wall), but that would have been obvious on your CT scan. Nausea and loss of appetite can result from some cancer treatments, but that doesn't fit you either. The good news is, your stage IA lung cancer should be very treatable and is quite likely curable.

Best wishes and Aloha,


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If you are IA you are very lucky as that is operable and usually you do not need further treatment (chemo) after the operation.

My husband also did not have the symptoms that you had. I would check with the doctor as too what may be causing it. It could just be anxiety.

Keep us posted on your progress.


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