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Getting to Know You - December 26


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I'm sorry, Laurie. :(

Our Christmas was pretty nice. The grandbabies arrived at 7 am. The littlest one had been awake so long, that he was staggering around like he'd been having too much "Christmas Punch"!

The kids made it very, very fun. Don't know what I'd do without them.

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We did o.k. Thank goodness for the family and little ones. Thank goodness also for this family at lchelp too.

A wonderful group of knowing people who understand each other.

Love and harmony for all in 2008.


Timmy P left for his new place December 19,2004. He is always with his friends and family.

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Mine was very nice - had the whole family here and worked my butt off and was exhausted afterward but it was a nice kind of exhausted.

I had fought and fought with my husband to let our son get a cell phone this year so I could know where he is - my husband finally caved ---- so it was extra nice - Nick was so happy!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2008!!

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Our Christmas went well-- much better than I thought. I think it was so busy and full with presents, people coming over, the meal etc. there was no time to be sad. Kids help-- the Jillinator had a great day. My nickname for John was Jack Benny because he was so tight-- I envisioned him somewhere complaining about how much money I spent.

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Even though we had just gotten the news about Alan's

cancer returning, we had a very good

Christmas. We deviated from our usual gathering at

my sisters and everyone came over to my home on Christmas Eve

so Alan could see everyone open their gifts.

Christmas day was quiet, Alan slept most the day

and I enjoyed reading a book from beginning to end

with no interuptions. All in all a very good Christmas :P

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