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Update on Kathi's Dad


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Hi Everyone,

Dad FINALLY came home from the hospital this past friday (after being in for 2 weeks). He is still very weak but is extremely happy to be home. Thank goodness that my mom was at the hospital a lot. The nursing staff was/is so overworked and sparse that my dad was having his basic hygiene needs unmet. My mom had to do everything (which she was happy to do). I'm still really worried about my dad. He will start another round of chemo this coming Wed. I'm worried because it was the chemo that lowered his WBC so low that he almost died. I'm so proud of my dad and happy that he is being brave. He has lost his pep in his voice and I am concerned he is depressed. I don't know how or if I should intervene.

My dad hasn't been able to eat for weeks (he gets nutrition through his stomache tube). My dad says he can only muster a pancake. It isn't for a lack of appetite. He said that when he eats anything else, it feels like terrible heartburn and feels like it is burning going down. Heartburn meds don't help. Does anyone know if this is normal? Any suggestions? He is dying to eat a big fat piece of chocolate cake.



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Since your dad is getting radiation, that is probably why he is having the burning. I had the same thing when I had radiation. You might ask your doctor about Carafate. It coats the throat and the stomach. It is used for stomach ulcers. I have never tried this, but it is my understanding that there is a cocktail that one can have mixed up by your pharmacist. You might want to ask your doctor about this also (doctor has to give prescription.) These are just a few suggestions. Also, if you go back and look at previous posts from some of the other members, you can find out what meds are in the cocktails. I think they are in the general categories.

Hope this helps. Praying for your dad and family. Stay strong and keep the faith...

God Bless :):)


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I posted the ingredients and pharmacology directions under mouthwash in the last month. Just click on my profile, what I've posted, and look for mouthwash. It helps a lot.

Also, there may be a problem with acidity, and something like prilosec might help.

Sadly, some chemo makes everything taste wierd. It took me a long time to recover my taste buds, and I never did recover my taste for rich chocolate stuff. sigh.....

The blender idea is a good one, or else serve it up with ice cream, softened.

Good luck to your dad. He sounds like a fighter, thinking of chocolate cake.



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