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2 Years Later, now my Cousin...


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It has been two years for my brother Mark and now my first cousin, same age as Mark has stage 4 SCLC..

The Dr said he has it on all vital organs and his heart is affected..He is retainling fluid due to the fact the tumor is near his heart..

Christmas Day he had a stroke and is now paralysed on this right side and blind in one eye..

My Aunt will not accept the fact he is near the end and she will not sign a DNR..They want to transfer him to another hospital, even though the Dr said he is much too weak and will not survive the transport..

I feel so helpless, because I cannot give any advice and I see my cousin dying in front of me..I only wish they would sign a DNR so he can go in peace...

I am still praying for a miracle but I also ask for prayers from you for my cousin Danny...

God Bless,


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Today they put Danny in Hospice..I never saw a person go into Hospice before,..

I was so lucky and Blessed with Mark, Our dear Lord took him from us before we had to go through this..

What can we expect seeing Danny in Hospice???

I am so afraid to go visit him...

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Last night I prayed and prayed to St Joseph, a prayer for the dying..It is a very powerful prayer..

This morning he passed away at 9:30am..God took Danny home..

Many thanks to all of you that prayed for us and especially stood by my side once again..

I love you all,


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