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the beat goes on.....


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At last some good news, I had my radiation mapping done yesterday and my tx have been reduced to 16. A Cdn report shows no added success by having 34 tx over 16 so my dr is going the 'short' route........YEAH!!

Because of my sob problem he is also not radiating my shoulder (concerns about compromising my 'good' lung even more) which in turn means I can keep my port. So we have no hunt and peck for veins and my radiation time has been cut in half, yesterday was a good day!

On my way into Boston yesterday (about a 45 mins trip on a good day) I was wondering how on earth I was going to make the trip everyday for almost two months, well I guess someone was listening to me and changed everything up for me. Sometimes life just falls into place!

My sob is still front and center, had some blood work done yesterday and will find out today what, if any, changes will be made. There has been no improvement in the last week, huge strides the week before but stairs are still a major challenge and my walking speed is back to snail pace at times.

Where did my independence go?????????? I'm not used to being 'taken' to the grocery store (a first in many weeks) or anywhere else for that matter, and it pisses me off that everyone seems to be driving my car except me - maybe I'm just feeling out of sorts because this seems to be going on and on with no end in sight.

Okay that's my end of year whine over with, next week will be a whole new beginning.

Happy New Year everyone,


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My chant is said with only LOVE, Geri. This is it......No more SOB for the SOB!!!! Sorry ~ just couldn't resist.

Overall.....great news about the rad., but sure do wish that sob could be resolved. Happy New Year to you too!!!! I think I will say it in person!


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Good news about the radiation

plese, please let others do for you if you need help!!!!!

You will have your independence back in no time!

Hope your New year is Happy and Healthy

and NED!

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Geri....great news ..but sure wish the SOB will be resolved quickly...I hear you about other people driving your car. :-)...Praying that you will be back to your old wonderful self in no time at all...

A New Year coming girl...a better one for all of us...


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Geri, Geri... GREAT NEWS MY FRIEND!! :mrgreen:

2008 is going to be a GREAT year for you, I can feel it!!!! YEA!!!!

Before you know it you will have your independence back... then watch out everybody :lol: I could imagine how much this is making you nutzy..

Enjoy being shoffered...there is a lot of love there. What you give you get back!

Maryanne :wink:

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