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Gratitude - December 28th 2007


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Good morning all,

Had such a good sleep

in my own bed that I feel

I'm late posting.

I'm grateful for the welcome

you gave me, Thank you.

Today we have snow, instead

of resenting it like before

I'm looking at it and it is beautiful

white, clean and it hides many

bad spots.

Grateful for the change this new

attitude will give me.......we have

winter may as well welcome it, I

will save all that negative energy

complaining about it to do something

useful, need to read the forums and

find news about everybody, Lynn did

good work keeping me in the news but

nothing like reading it first thing

in the morning and last at night.

Grateful I was able to send prayers and

mental good wishes to all, missed my

''family'' while I was in the hospital.

Have a good day, week end coming.



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Grateful for our trace of snow--looks so pretty!

Grateful that daughter made it through minor surgery with no problems. Grateful for a medical community that can take care of issues before they become real problems. Grateful that we are still covered under insurance, even though DH has been out of a job for 6 weeks.

Grateful for community and families that pull together during hard times.


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Grateful for my wacky son. He went to radiation with dad yesterday and told him while they were there that he had seen a few cute nurses while he was waiting for dad to finish. Dad told him that if he thought the nurses at radiation were cute then he should come to chemo with him next week because the chemo nurses are "hot". So guess what....Hunter is spending his last day of Christmas break with dad next week at chemo to check out the nurses. Leave it to these two to turn chemo into "babe watching"!! :lol::wink:


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Grateful for the good things you people posted in this forum today.

Grateful my daughter called me 3 times today, she's coming this weekend for several days, she organized my closet last weekend and it is Beautiful. She has a

gift for that. She took a bundle to Goodwill and a bundle to her dumpster for me.

(I burn and have non-burnables I put in the dumpster at work, on the sly) :oops:

Didn't cry today.


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