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I was diagnosed with nsclc 0n 3 Apr, 2006. I was told stage 3b because of the main tumor was in the lower right lobe, and 2 lymphs behind the carina.

I started 33 Chemo treatments of 3 different meds. I would go to the cancer center and get Radiation treatments, then get into the truck and head for St Anthony's Hospital for Chems treatments (33). The Radiation and Chemo treatments were Monday through Friday every week.

On 23 August,2006 I had a CT Scan yhat said NO MORE TUMORS SEEN. On that day I went into the Oncologist office where I was told that they were going to change the Chemo drugs. DAH, what? I ask her to show me where on the CT scan the tumors. She took my copy and read it. She then said Hey, you are in remission.

Every couple months I get Phnemonia. I have had to have fluid drained from around the right lung. As soon as it is drained off it comes back. This leaves my so out of breath I can do NOTHING. It was biopsied and came back clean of cancer cells. I have a chest x/ray that shows the radiation distroyed the bottom 1/3 of my right lung. I mean it is GONE. Oncologist says "well the tumor won't come back there"

This was 16 months ago now that I went into remission. When do you start feeling like it was all worth it? They don't want to put the powder in the sack for the fluid and said that if the fluid turns to cancer I would be dead in 2 month anyway.

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June, feeling like all the treatments are "worth it" is such a personal, unique choice. The only real answer lives in your own heart and soul.

I did not like to read that they said "if the fluid turns to cancer I would be dead in 2 month anyway." It doesn't sound like you have a caring, supportive medical team. I would seek another opinion. I wouldn't tolerate being spoken to that way. And I would want to someone else's opinion on having the talc procedure.

I'm sorry you are feeling so frustrated. Please keep coming back here and talking to us. We understand.

Wishing you peace.

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I agree with Nyka ... my mom, and several others on this board, had malignant pleural effusions (which I think is what they means by the fluid 'turning' cancerous). That does not mean you "have 2 months". That's a ridiculous statement by anyone, let alone in the medical field.

Please get a second opinion and best wishes to you.

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I also agree with Nyka. Only you can decide whether the additional time you have spent cancer free is worth the price of admission. Consider this -- had you done nothing to fight the cancer, you would not be here today to write your post!

My husband had severe pleural effusion issues over his journey and was on oxygen 24/7. The repeated thoracenteses were okay for him because it did give him short periods of time where he wasn't SOB (short of breath.) He did not do the pleurodesis procedure either, but it was recommended. A second opinion might serve you well.

I'd say, all in all, you are doing remarkably well for someone who has 16 months of NED (no evidence of disease) in her back pocket.

Best wishes for continued success!


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Here's my 2 cents worth. My husband also had the fluid drained from the pleural sac and his was, unfortunately, malignant. That was in May, 2007 as you can see from our post. He had the pleurodesis done in August, I think, and it was a huge success. Shortness of breath issues are seldom now and the procedure was not that difficult. Was 4 days in the hospital with some pain but that was taken care of my pain meds. From our point of view, the procedure was very well worth it and has given him some quality of life back. I'd also say - find a new doc. Our doctor certainly told us the fluid being malignant was not good news but it was not the end!!!

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