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brain metastasis after propylactic irradiation


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Hello all. Newbie here. I'll first give you the history.

Who: My Mom

Age: 64

Diagnosis: Limited SCLC- Sep. 2006

Treatment: Chemo and simultaneous radiation to chest. Upon complete response began Prophylactic cranial irradiation in Jan. 2007.


Okay, this past week we took mom in to the doctor because we've noticed some difficulties in her speech. She couldn't say the correct words some times and we also noticed that money got her a little confused.

Her doctor orded a CT scan and sure enough it looks like a tumor. They started her on steroids to relieve the swelling that is probably causing symptoms.

She is scheduled for an MRI on Wednesday (Jan.2, 2008) and meets with her Oncologist on the 3rd.

***Sadly, we are scheduled to leave on the 4th for a "Last Hurrah trip to Disney World" with my mom!!! The nurses all told us to go and enjoy and treatment could easily wait a week. So we are planning on going as we would rather her get this big fun family trip in before it is too late.***

Anyway, does anyone here know of what to expect next? Can she even have more radiation since she already had the PCI? Is Chemo really an option since it doesn't go to the brain? Or is this a treat the symptoms and plan for the end kind of thing? We are grateful for every day we get with her. But the more we prepare and educate ourselves, the better, so all help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Hi and welcome. My Mom was also DX Sept/06 but she had Extensive @ the time-she was then treated although she had Limited because of her response-she had a small 1cm on her brain in May and got WBR @ that time-I do remember her Radiologist saying that if it ever came back she couldn't get anymore brain radiaiton but I have read elsewhere where they can do the cyberknife if it's only 1 or a few lesions. We are also planning a trip to Disney World but now my Mom has more lesions on her liver so I think that is going to have to wait until we see what our next step is. Check into the Cyber Knife-I'm sure someone on here will respond about it.

Take care Have a Fun Vacation with Mickey

and Happy New Year.


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slobberdog68, thank you for your quick response. Looking at your Mom's history, I would swear that we are kindered spirits. Except for the limited status, the timeline looks so similar, including the hospitalization for esophogus pain. She even lived with me and was thrilled to go back to her own place as she healed. I will pray for your mom too. I hope you can get her to Disney... I've got 3 kids and those will be magical memories for them to share with her for their entire lives.

God Bless!

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Hi Dragonfly, my mom has a similiar story. Sclc, limited. Age 66. 4 rounds of chemo plus 7 weeks of radiation down.

We are planning the PCI in about 6 weeks.

I wanted to ask you some questions if you don't mind.

How many rounds of chemo did your mom have?

How many days of PCI did she get? What kind of chemo did she get?

ANd how long after the chemo did they start the PCI?

I am so worried that this is going to happen to my mom.

She did 2 rounds of Cystplatin and another chemo begins with an E. Now she is doing Carboplatin and the E chemo, 3 days every 3 weeks.

We are planning 6 rounds all together then PCI right away( I think) . I really hope it works. It just seems so unfair to go through all this and still end up with it spreading.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! And I appreciate any info you can give.


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