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Gratitude - December 30th 2007


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Good morning,

Most glorious day here,

worth spending outside.

After snow storms, bleak days

without the sun, cold or humid days

rain, slush and humidity it is like a

gift or a prediction for better living

next year.

Grateful my friend Lucille got back in

town yesterday, tired but happy and ready

to spend the day with me.

Grateful the year 2007 is slipping away

and will be replaced by a new year,

time to think of the good and bad that

year brought to us........not only by

being the year we were in but by what

we did of it and what life did to us.

For many time for resolutions for the

new year, for many time for the resolution

to live one more year, big difference but

one we have to face.

Grateful that my only resolution is to try

to live one more year and do better than

I did last year.

Grateful that I still can hope for a

better year to come.

Grateful I will be spending the day with

Lucille, a friend I met when we were both

healthy and joining a group for better daily

living for those over 75 years old.......

since that day we both went down the drain

as far as health is concerned, but when you

are at the lowest it is time to look up and

grab at life.

So grateful my day will be spent in good company

with a lot of discussion about the choices we

may have to make 2008 better for both of us,

while enjoying the glorious day weather and

as usual a good meal.

Have a good day.

Love to all


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