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I think it may be back!


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Just needed to post, to vent a little.

Had my first change in a CT scan in 21 months. Dr. on vacation, but thankfully still read my report and sent me for a PET scan, Friday. He will be back tomorrow and I will hear the results. The waiting and not knowing is very hard. I'm a bit scared right now. :(

The little ____ might be back, I thought I had gotten rid of it! :x

You all have been very encouraging and I thank you. After I find out what's up, I'll be back here!

Last year we had a wonderful New Year's Eve, hope tomorrow night we'll be celebrating a little bit.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season and have a very happy new year!


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Hang in there Elyse. Does your doc usually read the CT films too? Maybe they haven't seen the CT yet and are just working off the radiologist's report.

Those darn radiologists-they see a shadow and write down every bad thing they can think of. It's happened to lots of us more than once.

Hopefully it is just a false alarm...just scar tissue and a young radiologist.

Prayers for a good PET,


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Thank you all for your posts, and Katie, it's never too late!

Didn't find out Monday like I had hoped, but still had a nice New Year's Eve.

Barb, I was hoping that it was just the radiologists read, but I talked to my Dr. today. He looked at the CT films and PET. The PET showed the same "hot spots"/nodules/enlarged lymphs as the CT. I see him tomorrow and may have a biopsy, but I may not be a candidate for the biopsy because I only have 1 lung. I'll know more tomorrow. I think he thinks that probably it is back, actually, he thought these cells have been there (just too small to appear) since my surgery, since I had lymph node involvement, and might have gotten past the chemo and radiation. Said they usually appear between 1 & 2 yrs. from surgery, I'm right there. They are little buggers, aren't they!

I may have to go thru some chemo and radiation again.

I'll let everyone know.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers,


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