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New here, Dad with SCLC


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Hi there. I am Katina, and my Daddy was diagnosed with SCLC in september, stage 3, no mets anywhere but the tumor in his lung. He's had 3 rounds of chemo so far, but has refused radiation after he developed pneumonia following the only treatment he had of it. He blames the radiation for the pneumonia and is scared to do any more. He needs to do PCI, but is scared to do it. Any advice, stories, or anything I can tell him to convince him to do the pci? I don't want him to finish up 3 more rounds of chemo, only to have brain mets and lose his battle anyway. What could happen-symptoms, etc- if he refuses the pci? I almost have to scare him into have this done, so any advice would be great. Thank you for reading.

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Hello Katina,

Sorry you have to be here, but

welcome to the best forum for

lung cancer.

You will see many people will

answer your post about your father.

My knowledg is long outdated so

will leave the help to others.

Meanwhile you could go around on the

different sections of the forum and read

about it, specially the one sbout



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Hello and welcome. I am sorry about your Daddy but glad you found us.

Please read through some of the posts in the SCLS forum as well as the survivors forum. There is a lot of great information to be found there. Of course the others will be along here, too and I know they will have a lot of great advice.

Keep us posted on your Dad,



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