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bed sores


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THis is from the encyclopediea of Surgery about Bed sores. Very easy to read AArticle with lots of information available. I have no personal experience so I am giving you a Link instead.... Click to be redirected to Article:


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moving alot isnt necessarily needed to prevent bedsores just getting them moved off of the bony spots on their bodies you can do this with rolled towels. or pillow

roll the towel in a tube and roll dad slightly on his side stick the rolled up towel under him then roll him back to rest against the towel this can help with the butt area, the shoulders, and the general back area

do the same thing for feet in bed. rolled towel under achilles so the heel hangs off the towel and is suspended ... when doing this many need a pillow or towel under the knees

skin health and cleanliness is important ... hydrated skin does better. so lotion after baths is a must. plus this helps with circulation... the light massage esp in the areas I mentioned will increase blood flow an help prevent sores.

spots to watch for... a red spot (angry looking) that doesnt go away after weight has been removed often it is warm to the touch.

hope this helps

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One thing that helped my husband

in preventing bed sores was the

medical sheepskin that we got at

the start of the sickness.

The air circulate (when a person is

sitting or sleeping on it) and that

prevent and also helps healing the


Easy to use and washable.

Hope all goes fine for your father.


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Great advice already but just a suggestion. Make a repositioning sheet with times to move him and mark it so you change his position every hour or two. You don't have to move him much just a little to get him off a pressure point and change the position so he isn't putting pressure on the same place. It is important if the skin does break you get him professional home care-- a nurse to come in and dress it, they can be deadly if they get too big.

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