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Gratitude - December 31st 2007


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Good morning,

Grateful for the nice day

we had yesterday, taking apart

the year 2007 and tracking down

where and when all started to deteriorate.

Now, another snow storm, you know that

white fluffy stuff that is so nice to

look at but a mess to clean up in

driveways, steps and galleries........

GRATEFUL about it because it will be the

last snow storm of the year 2007.........

but not of the winter.

Grateful for my friend that lives near

and is able to walk to come and spend

the afternoon with me.

Grateful the year 2007 is on its last


Have a Happy Year 2008.



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Wish I could send you some of our warm temperatures, Jackie ~ Just for a day even! (You could go out and lay in the sunshine... get a nice tan!) :D

I'm grateful today for EVERYTHING. I woke up this morning, and the first thing I said (in my head), was "Thank you Lord, for giving us this day"!

We have SO much to be thankful for here at my house.

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Grateful for neighbors, again.

More snow and when I went out to drag the garbage cans to the curb found my neighbor clearing driveway and sidewalks. He also took garbage out and took PJ for a walk.

I have been feeling ill past couple of days and he told me to go inside and get warm.

Thank you, Lord, that when we are most down you send an angel to lift us up.

Thank you, Lord, for all my friends here.

Thank you, Lord, for holding us near even when we can't 'feel' your arms.


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Grateful for my wife and daughter and all they do for me-- they have stood by me no matter what.

Grateful for my sister for having us over Christmas Day.

Grateful for our best friends in New Hampshire who made my Birthday and Christmas very special.

Grateful for a good year overall-- that I am still here with my family (that they have there health) which all that really matters. It could always be worse.

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