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Connie(2) - 12/29- 1/4


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Sorry this update is so choppy, it's been a trying day for everyone.

Maurie called me this afternoon to let me know the latest. He was taken into the hospital- suspected heart attack- they ran some tests and were going to run some more, but it is either a heart attack or angina (sp?) With all the stress, I had been really worried about him. He had not been admitted to the hospital at that time (around 3:30) but that could have changed by now.

At this same time Connie had a follow-up appointment with her doctor (didn't find out which one) who took one look at her in his office and sent her right back to the hospital. He said that she shouldn't have been released to begin with. She's had a lot of trouble, medication making her sick instead of taking away pain, not being about to eat, wounds infected, etc....bottom line is she's been thru an awful lot and she should never have left the hospital as early as they let her go. (Didn't we all think that??? hmmm)

So that's where they stand. Waiting on Maurie to see how his tests went and Connie is back in the hospital where she can get the meds and care she needs to heal.

I will keep you guys updated after I talk to Maurie again.

Thank you all for your concern and continued prayers.

Sorry again if this is reading choppy...I got the call from Maurie when I was in the HOSPITAL myself of all places!! My 3 year old was the first up this morning and we found an empty bottle of robitussin cold/cough/flu in the kitchen, called poison control who told us to call 911 and we spent the WHOLE day in the ER. She's perfectly fine. They did bloodwork and gave her charcoal to drink and in the end it turns out there was only 2% of tylenol in her system (which means she probably only took a little sip and either threw the rest away or fed it to the dog (another long story + $$$$$ vet bill)

OH P.S. for those with kids, never keep the dosing cup on top of the medicene bottle (even though they sell it that way) When the cup is ontop of the bottle all a toddler has to do is twist it and it pulls the cap right open...NOT childproof at all. I never knew that and the ER Dr. didn't either, a nurse whose dad is a pharmacist told us about it and we were shocked.

Kissing this crap of a year goodbye and wishing all of us a wonderful 2008.

Bless you all and you can check this thread for future Connie updates.

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Oh my goodness, you have been through it today with your own problems and you are still here updating us on Connie and Maurie.

As for Connie and Maurie, my prayers continue for both of them. I'm just so sorry they ever let Connie go home until she was ready and now she is having all these difficulties and Maurie is having problems too... they sure do need our extra prayers. Mine are going up.

Katie hope all is well at your house too.

God Bless,


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Thanks for the update Katie. Prayers for Connie and Maurie. Hope they give you another update soon. Glad your daughter is ok. When things calm down (does that ever happen?), we'll want to hear about the dog. Hope is/she is ok.


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This is just all too much, don't ya think? Sorry about Kennedy. Sorry about the dog. Sorry some idiot let Connie go home and sorry she is now suffering the consequences. Sorry about Maurie and sorry they are both struggling so much right now.

This has been a total crap shoot. I'm struggling here through it all and I am far away. So all I got are many prayers offered for ALL who need them. It's doubtful I will ring in the new year.....so hope to awake to a better tomorow.


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Ry, I am joining you on Eastern Time.

I can't stand an extra minute.

Not sure why I am so eager tho, as tomorrow is anniversary 2 of Brian's death.

This whole NY thing is not working for me.

Hugs for all of our family here and fervent prayer for peace and healing.


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Wow! They have had to deal with so much. It is time for some good things to happen for them in this New Year. I continue to keep them both in prayer.


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What a day you've had. Hope your little one is doing better now.

Thanks for the update...Heading back to Holy Angels church tomorrow to light another candle for Connie & Maurie.

Let's hope that 2008 brings happier times for everyone. Ellie

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and all around, prayers are there

for those days when all goes wrong

and you certainly had your bad day

on this December 31st 2007.

May the New Year bring

smiles and sunshine for all,

rain but a sweet breeze to dry the leaves,

work but accomplishment that goes with it,


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Oh gosh! Katie, thanks for taking/making or finding the time to let us know what is happening.

TONS of prayers and well wishes for Connie, Maurie, Kennedy, Doggie and of course for you and Rick and all concerned

Happy 2008 to all. May it be a much, much better year for everyone


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Jan 1, 2008

Just talked to Maurie,

Connie has been re-admitted back to the hospital as of yesterday. There was suspected infection and fluid build-up and they are supposed to put a chest tube back in this morning. He hasn't heard from her yet but will call when he does. Apparently she was released from the hospital so early from the charge nurse, NOT the doctor, so she should never have been released so early.

Maurie also had a very scary day yesterday too with a suspected heart attack. Luckily, he is ok today. With all the anxiety over Connie being home (way too early and with so many complications) the housework and running errands on top of having the flu/cold- it was just too much on him. His nerves are shot and he hasn't had much sleep in many days, but I am hoping he can rest and get back on track with Connie in the hospital where she can get the medical attention she needs.

They are asking for no visitors in the hospital. Connie has been thru so much, has difficulty breathing and possibly fighting infections so they would rather have some days to recover and get back on the road to recovery without her being disturbed.

I will update when I hear more.

Continued prayers for them both appreciated.

Thanks everyone,

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