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Gratitude - January 2nd 2008


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Did not ask for the snow storm

we got, a real bad one.......too much

snow and too fast.

Grateful for the food I have and

the book I can read after the

digging I'll be doing.

Snow removal services and janitorial

services paid for the year, but absentee

owner and janitor are not on my list

of favorite people at the moment.

Grateful I'm not the only one in this

situation, so will see how the wind blows

in the coming days.

Have a good day.


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Grateful for my last day off--almost grateful to go back to work tomorrow and get on a regular schedule.

Graateful for a day of fun at the Science Museum with my son and his buddy.

Grateful for getting through a dark night, and for a DH who knows when to hug me, and when to leave me alone. I'm high maintenece, sometimes. :wink:


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Grateful to be back from my unannounced vacation here on the board. I was truly planning on staying up with things while we celebrated the holidays, but I just never got around to it. I think Col and I and Jack, just took a vacation from the dreaded c word all together for the last two weeks. grateful that my new year resolution actually happened two weeks before the new year and I have been on the treadmill religously and see no signs of that slowing down anytime soon. Holy Mackeral I think I'm even grateful to be back at work today. Grateful to start a new year with our family still intact, and Col still being able to do whatever it is she thinks she wants to do today.

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