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Scan Results tomorrow.....

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The emotional roller coaster starts again, we get her scan results tomorrow morning...the last few scans haven't gone too well, and I'm scared we'll get bad news on this one as well. Ever since the Tarceva stopped working, it's been down hill, none of the chemos have really worked. In five short weeks my mom will officially be a Two Year Survivor, we should be happy, but I can't seem to remember my life before this disease, I feel like it's been here forever... :evil: I have been having terrible back pain these last few weeks, which probably could be contributed to carrying a toddler, and of course I worry that it could be a sign of lung cancer, I know I'm delusional, but it's how I live my life now - in fear. Thanks for listening, I needed to vent, I normally try to be optimistic but I've been having a "blah" week. Wishing Good Scans for you and/or your family this new years!!

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Oh Stephanie, I so hope that the scan results will be much better than what you are expecting. This is often a scary, bumy ride for all involved. Your mother is remarkable with the things she has accomplished for LC folks and please tell her I thank her. You just come here when things get to you and allow us to fret right along with you, okay? All of us here deal with a life quite different than before LC ~ so we all 'get' it here. In the meantime, I will keep everything crossed for good results tomorrow......offer some prayers as well.


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I hope the scan results are much better then expected. I think it should be mandatory that people get the results the same day that the test is done. The "waiting" is like being tortured. :(

I'll be saying a prayer for your Mom, and for you too.

Maybe you should check in with your doctor about your back ache. It would ease your mind if you were to find out it's only a pulled muscle, from carrying the baby.(She's SO cute in the little picture you have with your Mom!)

Take care and let us know,


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Prayers for you and your mom Stephanie. Praying for good results!!! Staying positive is hard sometimes. It's okay to have our bad days. Then we come here, and everyone pulls us back together. Thats why we are all each others lc family. No one else can even begin to relate to the feelings we all deal with on a daily basis, which is why coming here is so important. Everyone understands.



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(((Stephanie)) I'm praying for the best possible results for your mom and for you. The ride never seems to stop, does it? I'm hoping you can coast along on a level part of the roller coaster track after this scan. I completely understand and relate to the living in fear - you just hate to get too complacent and have the rug pulled out from under you again. Please let us know how it goes.


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