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Gratitude - January 3rd 2008


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Good Thrusday mornig all,

Snow all taken care of, grateful

I still can dig and showel snow

at my age and if not in a hurry

enjoy it.

In thirty days 6 feet 8 inches of

snow was the total we got.....

Grateful the absentee owner was present

yesterday morning (rent collecting)and

had to help cleaning the parking lot,

a neighbor was doing the talking about

the misssing services that we pay for,

and found out that only 10 units are

rented out of 28....and the money they

are losing each month prevent them giving

us the services that are charged in the rent.

Grateful that I'm free and once more able

to move to a better place where I will get

the services I'll be paying for.

Could say the resolution I was thinking

about for 2008 was to find a place where

I could live the few years I may left and get

all the services I would be paying for, not a beautiful lease with promises and nothing after.

Have a good day.


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Grateful that the snow is letting up and that the snow has been shovelled for you Jackie.

Grateful that my husband is totally fine after an accident yesterday - even though the truck isn't (it's metal/he's not).

Grateful for the days I get to spend with my kids over this vacation - absolutely LOVE having them home and hanging out with them. Grateful we don't have to run to all the activities and can just unwind and do actually "nothing" if we feel like it.

Grateful for everyone here.


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