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Guest dogbuckeye


My dad has stage IV nsc lung cancer, diagnosed 2 months ago. He's 6 weeks into chemotherapy -- carboplatin & taxotere. He's suffering more than expected by his doctors. Among this laundry list of health problems he's trying to resolve, his sleep has deteriorated dramatically.

6 weeks ago he would take two over-the-counter sleep-aids (simply sleep - Diphenhyramine) each night and was able to sleep for at least 6 or 7 hours at a stretch. That has whittled down to less than an hour at a time.

Any advice? I've suggested he try another sleep-aid and he's open to that but there are so many. His doctor prescribed something that had no effect at all.

Thank you all,

Mark Schneider

Cleveland, Ohio

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I'm doing Carboplatin and Taxotere myself, and my ability to sleep has been impacted as well. I think that the Dexamethazone we are given to inhibit possible allergic reactions is one of the primary culprits.

I have a prescription for a drug called Ativan. It does help a little bit. Since how well we tolerate treatments is dependent in part upon how much rest we are able to get I hope that you will speak with your Father's Physician about the sleeping disturbance.

Good luck,

Fay A.

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Randy took trazadone every night. It is an antidepressent. But he slept every night and did not have any problems with getting his rest. The only time he really had trouble was when the coughing would not let up. Then the cough syrup helped and he was able to rest.

I have taken it a couple of times when I too can not sleep.

I wish you the best of luck.

Take care,


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