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Pain Medications


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Mom is not doing to well. On 12-28 we found out that the last resort treatment she was on (Taxotere) was no working and there was significant progress in both lung and rib areas. We havent had a pet scan to see if it has spread, but I wouldn't doubt that it has. THere is nothing else that they can do for mom. Although they have not given her a timeframe, I'm trying to be realistic. If the cancer is growing on treatment, why would it slow down when she's off. Our hopes was that she would maybe feel a little bit better off treatment for the time she has left. This is so devastating for me. I found out in Oct. that I was pregnant with my first child, and now I doubt she will be here to see her first grandchild. I guess I'm rambling off topic... Since finding out the bad news on Friday, mom has been in really bad pain. She was currently on 75mcg of Fentanyl patch. They increased it to 100mcg and she's on break through medicine (not sure the name at the moment) but it really isn't working. I hate to see her in pain. The problem is the higher she goes up on the patch, the more out of it she is. She doesn't talk, or answer many questions.. she sleeps all the time. She said she wants to go back down to 75mcg because she's at least able to feel alive. But then you see her pain sticken face... I'm going out of my mind and so is my father. Does anyone have any experience with any other pain meds that might now knock her out..

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Gosh, I'm so sorry to hear about this progression and very much understand how you are feeling. :cry: I have no experience with pain meds, but maybe if you call hospice, they can be there to observe and make some right medication decisions so she can be comfortable and still with it a bit more.

Sending many hugs your way and hopes for some relief for your Mom.


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Was she on Taxotere or Tarceva? Your profile says she started Tarceva-- did that fail? If you haven't had a second opinion I would get one-- it just seems she has other options open to her. Maybe you could ask about Avastin. As far as the pain, try Advil gel caps-- I know that sounds weird but it worked for a member here that could not get relief from the stronger meds. You might also want to consider a consultation with a pain management clinic. Good luck.

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