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new tumors?


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I was diag.with Stage IV nsc lung cancer in Jan. I have had 7 months (7 rounds of chemo and just finished 37 Foton and 15 proton radiations yesterday. I have had a lot of leg spasms, pain in back (have had 2 back surg) dr's have given me pain pills no help. Saw a neurologist today, and he wants to do an emg tomorrow and full spine neck to feet MRI next week, he is looking for tumors. Wouldn't you think my other oncologists would be checking that? I had an MRI end of Oct. for lower spine? didn't show anything. The radiologist oncologist is the one who recommended my seeing a neurologist.

ANy help here?

Thanks, Judy :(

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Hi Judy,

Geez, I wish I had some good answers for your here. The human body is just so complicated.

I hate to hear that you are having so much pain. I personally have had to have numerous doctor specialists through my treatment, sometimes causing me concern about who is in control and is anyone looking at the big picture.

I was seeing a cardiologist, oncologist, radiation oncologist, neurologist, and an otolaryngologist all at the same time. I ended having 1 doctor oversee my medical treatment plan from each doctor. That way I was sure that tests weren't being run unnecessarily and nothing was falling through the cracks. For me the doc I relied on was my oncologist. Maybe something like this would help?

I hope this helps a little. I would always recommend keeping your onc in the loop when anyone mentions the possibility of your cancer progressing.

I hope you find a resolution to your pain soon. Let us know how your doing.


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Sounds like you have been through the mill. I have given the Neurologist my Oncologist's name, etc. I will definetly stay with my Oncologist. The problem was it takes so long to see a Neurologist at Loma Linda Univ. Hosp. and it was actually the radiologist oncologist who suggested I see someone at Eisenhower. Is that your little girl, what a doll.

Thanks for your input

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