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Need Help Information on Gemcarbo BSI201

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Need Help!!! My mother has stage 4 lung cancer secondary, originating from breast cancer. She will be meeting with another Dr in the morning to discuss a clinical trial: Gemcarbo Bsi-201 (I believe this is correct) I cannot find any information online with regards to this treatment. If anyone is familiar with this clinical trial and the treatment can you please e-mail any web links or information. We are concerned about her quality of life. E-mail drumerjw@aol.com

Thank YOU and God Bless :!:

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Hi, Cynthia, welcome to the group -- I also read your post in the "Introduce Yourself" forum.

I'm probably not the best person to answer your questions, but I may be one of the few members awake at this hour (I'm in Hawaii) so I'll make an attempt. By morning you should have other responses which will fit your situation better.

If you have no siblings closer to your mom that you can count on to help, the best choice may very well be moving her to California to live with you. And from your other (longer) message, I get the feeling the sooner the better. Getting her to agree to the move might be difficult, especially if she has a lot of personal ties to her Texas home, but you could be pleasantly surprised. We moved my father from Waco to Hawaii after my mother passed away in 1995, and it was easier convincing him to come than we had expected.

I don't have any personal experience with GemCarbo, which is shorthand for the "doublet" treatment Gemcitabine (trade name Gemzar) plus Carboplatin. Here's a fairly detailed reference...

http://www.cancerbackup.org.uk/Treatmen ... n/GemCarbo

...and you can find many recent posts at onctalk.com (a superb resource) by entering "gemzar" or "carboplatin" or "gemzar/carboplatin" in the search box that appears on every page.

Some of our mainland members may know about the clinical trial, or at least have suggestions on how you can find out. I'll be watching for their responses too -- that's something I should know.

Best wishes and Aloha,


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THis is the first post so I have not yet read your other post yet....

These are links directly related to The trial that Mom is going on and Tell her thanks for being a PIONEER not a GUINEAU PIG as some people feel sometimes when they get involved in trials. THis is a big decision and I commend Mom and Family in the decision to try this to see if it works. (And I know it will!!!!! :wink: )

Click on link to be redirected;

this Link is the one that Recce was talking of, a standard combo of classic chemo combos

http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/reco ... rbo&rank=1

This si the one I believe you are talking of Just an additiion to the first one.

http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT0 ... 201&rank=3

Hugs and PRayers and LEt us know what we can help with research wise. Do not have personal experience but can find out a lot of things in time..

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