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Thank you so much!!


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To all the survivors who continue to post and offer encouragement, inspiration and support. You are all the strongest people I know.

You touch countless people with every post.

I wish I could send each of you a hug, a gift an award for all that you do here!!!

Each of you are heros and everyday you inspire us.

I'm thankful for each of you.

Thank you,

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The fact that you and Rick have made this site available is all the thanks I'll ever need. You provide the resources and are the inspiration for the rest of us to do whatever we do.

I know I take more from the board than I ever give and thank you both for that gift.


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Without you and Rick there would be no place that holds hope out. I have found so many hero's here that have given me the will to go on when I was down. I thank you for all your work and help in the boards and the numerous positive comments and love you all pass on.


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Thank you Katie for all that you and Rick do for this board...If it weren't for the 2 of you...we wouldn't be here to suppost each other...

I know I haven't been on the board as much as I should...but I promise to do better....well I AM working my way to 500 posts...LOL...never ever thought I would even post one...

Thanks again...hugs...nonni

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Inez and I thankyou Katie and Rick, as you and eveyone else has been an enormous support in getting us through the tough times. Am doing okay, but still have a dry cough that I cannot seem to get rid of. At least the pain pills are no longer necessary and that is a blessing. Thanks again to everyone and return hugs to all. Stay positive and keep fighting.

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