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Gratitude - January 5th 2008.


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Good day all,

Grateful for friendship

found in life.


So long as we are loved

by others I would almost

say we are indispensable;

and no man is useless

while he has a friend.

(Robert Louis Stevenson)


Hugs to all


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Today I am deciding to be grateful.

Grateful for God in life.

Grateful for a respite from sub zero temps

Grateful for my pooch

Grateful for Jackie

Gateful to see that others notice and appreciate how and who she is.

Grateful for football games today

Grateful I have loving family, friends and neighbors

Grateful for the SUN and for THE SON



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-Grateful for my daughter who brought me breakfast in bed today...just because ... (and she's only 11)-what a great kid.

-Grateful for my son (13) who asks every morning - "How did you sleep" and every evening "How was your day mom?"

-Grateful for my husband who is loyal, honest and hard working - he loves me unconditionally.

-Grateful to Jackie that she posts in this forum every day and makes me stop and think about all the things I have to be grateful for ... Bless you always Jackie.

Always so much to be grateful for - I just have to stop and think about it and not let it pass me by.


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