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How are all the guys doing?? Roll Call!!!!!!!


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I seem to be seeing lots of posts from the Ladies here lately but not so many from all teh Guys on the boards. Rich? Ernie? Don M? Ralph down in Fayetteville? Recce? and of course babyspicy but I have very bad vibes because we have not heard from Aaron or Julia lately. I know you post but how are you doing. Just a thought that occured last nite. Thanks RAndy W

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Well, a few days ago I was having trouble with sob, coughing and lung gurgling. I increased my prednisone from 40 to 50 mg. It did not improve right away so I went in to get an x-ray the next day to see if I had post obstructive pneumonia because of the tumor. The x-ray did not find any pneumonia and the day after the x-ray (yesterday) I started to feel better. Today my lung function is still much better but I am gurgling a bit again. It is still unclear if my tumor is growing or if the inflammation just got bigger. If the tumor grows, I will have drainage problems at my lung and the gurgling will increase and pneumonia will set in. I will try tarceva if it looks like the gurgling and coughing is going to increase and continue in spite of the increased prednisone in an attempt to shrink the tumor and get my lung to drain better. Nothing has really worked well on this tumor so far. If the tarceva does not work, I may ask about surgery to have my upper right lobe cut out. As of now, all my disease is still contained in my upper right lobe. I don’t have a left lung, so that would be very radical surgery. I might have to be on oxygen the rest of my life, but I would rather do that than gurgle, cough and wheeze and get pneumonia all the time. I won’t go on tarceva until it is clear that the prednisone is not working.

I can still walk a mile on flat ground.

Don M

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Thanks Don and Good luck and Many PRAYERS For you and family!!!!!!!!!! Hope something works and sounds like multiple game plans in place....

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Hi Randy,

Thanks for asking-- I’m still here but slowing down ironically due to other health problems, neuropathy and myopathy, Not able to do or keep up with things the way I (walk with a cane, on oxygen, cannot walk, stand or hold anything for more then ten minutes or so, need help getting dressed, cannot drive anymore and on and on it goes) used too. All things considered it could be worse and I still feel I have been very fortunate and blessed. My spirits are good and my attitude is even better. I’m still alive, enjoy life and still the same person. Enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter who mean more then anyone or anything to me. Do what I can when I can the best way I can. The sun rises in the East and sets in the West and it is up to me and I say to hell with sitting around feeling sorry, acting like nothing or nobody matters crap-- that’s a total waste of time, energy and serves no purpose. Well there it is in a nutshell my friend. :lol: As my Grandmother used to say it’s always something Ricky. :roll: Again Randy thanks for asking.

Peace and take care,


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