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Connie(3) Update 1/10


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This is all I've got just now folks is a message from Maurie. I did write him back asking if he felt she was up to leaving the hospital again and if not encouraging him to fight for her a few more days of care. I will talk with them later tonight, but this is the latest update 1-6-08:

Hi Kataroo, The dr was just in and said she can come home Monday. I'm glad because Wanted them to watch her fluids and swelling for at least one more day. They're going to send oxygen home too. Well that’s all I got for now,

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Katie (Kataroo!!) (love that),

Any way... Glad to hear things are going well and I am glad they are being extra cautious about letting Connie go home.... the last thing she or her husband need is another repeat performance of last time!!

Still praying here in CT....

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Thank you Katie,

Praying that Connie is really

well enough to go home this time.

Till we read that all is well the

prayers will be there.

The way we start the year 2008

is with prayers that everybody

start to feel better and stronger.


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Jan 6, 1008

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to pass along the latest news. Instead of recapping, I will post what I got today via e-mail from Maurie!

Hi Kataroo, Well she's doing good and looking good. We walked around the whole 6th flr two times today. They're going to send her home with oxy this time, it'll be a comfort issue for her.- Maurie

So it sounds like they are letting her go home tomorrow. Let's hope this time is the right time and things fall quickly into place for her full recovery.

Thank you all and I will wait until I talk to her/Maurie myself to post any further new.

On behalf of Connie and Maurie, I can tell you they appreciate your prayers and support SO SO MUCH.


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Wasn't there a show called something Warrior Princess???? Well, I would like to officially dub Connie our very own LCSC Warrior QUEEN!!!! I've never know such an awesome lady. May her recuperation now be smooth sailing. I'm so happy about this news, I'm almost giddy! Way to go Queenie!!!

(((HUGS))) to Connie and Maurie.


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