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fruit and veggie drinks on Montel


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As far as getting the fruit and veggie servings, did anyone see Montel Show the other day? He was throwing apples, oranges, veggies etc right in the blender with some ice cubes and water for fruit/veg drinks.

They were having such a great time, I decided to try it. I sliced an apple, tossed in in my crummy old blender with some ice cubes and a cup of water. It worked great! OK, I cheated and added some splenda, but still great way to get your daily servings.

The ice was real cooling on my throat too. Wish I'd known about this when I was in radiation.


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I didn't see the show but wanted to share that my husband got a juicer last fall during his chemo treatments. There are certain vegetables like brocoli that he can't eat (bad childhood memories) but he can juice it with carrots and apples and has no trouble drinking it. Juicing can be a much easier way to get those much needed nutrients. We also make smoothies for the kids. A little bit of icecream and they don't realize they are drinking fruits that we often can't get them to eat.

Glad you discovered how much fun a smoothie can be.


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