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do you ever & The Secret


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do you ever just tell yourself to get it together and then wonder what the heck that means anyway? sometimes i feel i am so close i can almost feel it and then something else throws everything way off. today it was family, as usual. my brother to be exact. he threw my house into chaos because he had too much to drink last night, i got 4 voicemails this afternoon yelling at me after he had been here for dinner and a card games(s). got home from work to hear them, when he called the house was sound asleep. i feel like 1 step forward, 1 step back. i shouldnt, i guess. i can only control me, not everyone else, though i would like to at least influence in my better moments. funny thing is, feelings were hurt, people are angry, and he may not ever remember it at all.

anyone ever listen or watch The Secret? I have been pretty comforted by listening to it lately. i have seen the dvd but wasnt so much affected, the audio is hitting me though. any thoughts anyone?

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I have the book and have seen the documentary!! It's really amazing.. My husband swears by it!!!

I'm sorry you are dealing with all of this now. And yes, one step forward, three steps back is definately appropriate. It happens to me all the time. Maybe I am not using my Secret skills well enough.

God Bless!!


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It's a book, Pat- Some new ways of thinking about old theories. It's interesting but to me alot of it is common sense. If you are a positive person, you will have a positive day, etc...

*I know that's rather simplistic explanation but you can look it up on the web for more details.

I was brought up by a woman who was raised Buddhist before she came here and the art of attraction in your life- ex: positive energy attracting positive results were all a part of the balance of that teaching, which is why I say to me it's like common sense.

And lionking, you're right, you can only control you...it took me months to figure that out with my own siblings. I was so frustrated at their behavior or "why" they were the way they were and how to "make them see" what they were doing, etc....I couldn't change them, so I eliminated them from my life. It's harsh and the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but I have limits and boundaries. If they want to act like kind and caring human beings they can be a part of my life again one day. Until then, I control me and how I choose to let others treat me.

I hope things work themselves out soon.


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