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Gratitude - January 8th 2008.


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Grateful for the mild weather

we are having, the snow banks

are all melting fast.

More warmer days will leave us ready

to face more winter weather next week.


God's heart is the

most sensitive and

tender of all.

No act goes unnoticed,

no matter how insignificant

or small.

(Richard J. Foster)


Have a good day.


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I'm thankful for today. I woke up with a new outlook.

I was a coward yesterday, when we heard Harry's "not so good" news.

Today I'm thankful that I have a big stubborn streak, and so does my husband.

We aren't "whipped" yet, either of us.

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I'm grateful for a good friend that reminded me of a gift she gave me when Dennis died. She gave me a beautiful wooden sign that said...When God Closes a Door, He Always Opens a Window. At that time, I was so bitter, I found it hard to believe. As time passed I began to learn how true those words were. But. I am sorry to say, I had forgotten the words and my faith has dwindled during the past month. But, my friend reminded me of those words and I feel much better today! I know that God will open that window for me....in His time....not mine. So, I will hang on, have faith and know things will improve.

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Grateful for Nova's new outlook.

Grateful for God and his mercies.

Grateful for wonderful friends. And new friends (got a call from two women in a new grief group asking me to meet them for breakfast tomorrow).

Grateful that every day is a new beginning.

Grateful for Jackie.

Grateful for all that my wonderful, previous Bill taught me.

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