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Hello All~

I was just on then my PC went on a hall pass for a min. next thing I could not get back to "topics since I last visited". I wanted to put my 2 cents in on the topic wine. I say drink up now! I found as my radiation went on about week 2-3, I could no longer tolerate wine, it irritated my throat :(. That is the only reason my Dr. said they advise against any alchol= irritation.) I stayed on my xanax (thank the lord for the team that invented that medication) but I longed often for my glass of red wine. Back on wine and doing fine :lol: . Mary

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my sister would love this topic! i call her the family wino. :) her friends asked her what the dr told her about drinking wine and she said something like - well if i shouldn't, my sister would have told me by now. then during radiation, one week she lost 2 lbs and she told the dr, well i usually have a couple glasses of wine with dinner and i find it hurts so i didn't have them this week and those are empty calories so that's why i lost weight. she said to us - and the dr didn't say i shouldn't drink it, so...... i said it sounded like tacit approval to me, to which our brother the judge said - holds up in my court. so the wine drinking continues. :)

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I had chemo on New Years Eve day and asked if I could still imbibe in a glass of wine as the ball dropped!! My doc said sure - as long as you're not sick from the chemo!! So I guess if its OK to drink wine a few hours after chemo, its OK anytime!!


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My medical oncologist let's me continue to have my glass of wine with dinner (merlot). Whenever I get new meds, my first question is "can I drink wine". They are getting used to me. I gave up the cigarettes, I can't give up all my vices.

What I have noticed is on the days that I have had chemo if I drink wine my face turns cherry red. It scares the bejesus out of my husband so he won't let me drink on those evenings anymore.


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