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Living Longer with Lung Cancer


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Living Longer with Lung Cancer. Now that is something we all would like to hear. The Cure Magazine has a article titled Hazardous To Your Heart. Some cancer therapies effectively kill cancer cells but with consequences to the heart. They talk about how cancer patients that have had radiation and chemo are living longer but now having problems with the heart. I had to have both hips replaced due to steriods that I was given for chemo and gamma knife. The doctors and I kinda had a chuckle about that saying that I wasn't suppose to live that long to have those side effects. 7 Jan 08 I hit my 5 year mark. This week they are sending me to the heart doctor to see what they think about my fast pulse rate. I have seen a few articles about cancer patients having heart attacks after they beat the cancer.

For those of you that would like the Cure magazine go to www.curetoday.com and sign up. Its free and always has alot of good info. Just something to be aware of.

God Bless


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Don ... do you know which issue of CURE that is? As you can see by my profile, my mom passed away November 23rd from what they think was an apparent heart attack.

She was, however, not doing well as far as the cancer went. It was spreading and spreading fast, so in many ways, it may have been a blessing.

The thing that was strange though ... for quite a while before she died, her heart rate was really fast, and no one could really explain why. She had just had an pre-op EKG before her talc procedure at the end of October, but I don't think that shows everything. Make sure you get your heart checked out.

I found a little reading on the subject somewhere on the internet ... I think they call it cardiotoxicity??

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Wishing you well on the test.

Yes, the radiation could have side

effects on the heart also the lungs.

Always remind me of an old car, you fix

one part and the next one soon needs to

be fixed till in the end the car is nearly

all new parts.


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