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Dad's Scan Results and My Parents Met Kasey and Fred :)


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My parents were able to get in touch with Kasey and Fred today at NIH and actually meet. I was so glad they were able to get together! Just sorry I wasn't there to meet them too :) Kasey should get her results tomorrow so we're saying extra prayers for her but my dad received his results today.

They weren't great but they weren't awful either. They said that he has had slight growth. They have decided to leave him in the clinical trial at this point and give it 3 more weeks and then they will rescan him to make a final decision. They can't tell if its holding the cancer off somewhat at this point. All we can do is wait and see. The bigger concern is my dad's current weight loss. They had an ENT scope him at the hospital today and they didn't see any specific issues or cancer. They want him to see a gastro doc in the next couple of weeks and get an endoscopy to see if there is anything that way :shock: If they don't find anything, I guess we'll have to chalk up the bloating, gastro issues to the disease or the treatment and deal with it the best we can. Well, thats the update from this end. Will keep everyone posted...


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I certainly hope that your dad gets good results on his next exam. It was great that your parents got to meet Fred & Kasey. Thank you for the update on them also.


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Hoping and praying for good results in three weeks time and hoping they find a quick resolution to his weight loss issues.

It was so nice to hear that your parents got to meet Kasey and Fred...I know on this board you actually feel you get to "know" people and become friends. A meet and greet is just icing on the cake!


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Hi Tammy,

Thanks for the update. Overall, it doesn't sound too bad. Hoping the next scan will show improvement. As for the gastro issues, will keep my prayers they find something they can easily take care of and not cancer. Keep us informed... Oh and it's so nice they got to meet "our" Kasey and Fred.

Love ,


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Hi Tammy,

Well, I guess Fred and I and Kathy and Ron can just all hang out together for this next little while, huh? Your folks are absolutely the BEST. I told Fred I was totally disappointed that we didn't have a camera. That would have made one awesome picture. Sorry dad didn't hear all he wanted. Let's see in three weeks what they say.

And YES, if we were closer I definitely see good friends there. Mom is super. I told her she needed to come th the board to 'talk' to me :lol: !

Thanks for making it all happen, Tammy. Sorry it had to be under these circumstances. And got the PM! Thanks.



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