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This or That,That or This Game


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The game is as simple as picking one over the other.

The purpose of this game is to get to know each other's preferences.

Pick either, or and why you chose that answer.

Then let the next poster choose from your own two stuff.

for example:

Q: Apples or Oranges?

A: Oranges, because they are sweet and juicy and fun to peel

ok I will start...

Q: Bacon or Sausage

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Neither?? Does that qualify?? My hair is thick enough that I don't use hats or earmuffs. If my back is against the wall on this one, then earmuffs. They wouldn't make me sweat like a hat would.

As a kid -- a muff or mittens?

(Yeah, I'm not too original today.) :roll:

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Mittens. How could you play in the snow if your hands were trapped in a muff? :roll::roll::roll:

Canned tuna, cream of mushroom soup, peas, cooked noodles, and, maybe, crushed potato chips on top. Is that a hot dish or a casserole?

When I lived in MN (left in 1967), that was served with red jello with fruit cocktail and brown & serve rolls. Yummy? Hardly.


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Sounds like a disaster to me! LOL! But I'll say casserole because I define casserole as throwing a bunch of stuff in a pot and cooking it. Hmmm...but now that I think of it, the noodles do have to be cooked separately, so I'm changing my mind. I say hot dish.

I'll continue with the winter theme:

Q: Sled, tobagan, or snow tube?

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