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The Prediction Game


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Seeing as how you posted this on Sunday...you were right. I watched "We Are Marshall" and I can not believe I didn't watch it sooner. AN AWESOME Movie...now to Wealthy's whipper snapper comment...I was talking with a guy a work about the movie this morning and he was saying he had a hard time remembering the actual events as he was only 8 or 10. I said, yeah, I had a hard time remembering it as I was about 5 years away from being born yet. lol.

I predict the next person will have never been skiing.

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I did try - it was disastrous. Couldn't get off the lift without falling, then couldn't get up!!! And, couldn't get up each time I fell while skiing. I have a hard enough time walking straight to ever ski again.

I predict the next person will buy lottery tickets this weekend.

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I think the next person will also post on a second discussion group today.

yep... I visit 2 other groups: a Hawaii/from Hawaii/Hawaiian at heart group branched out of www.alohaworld.com and their board is http://ohanalanai.com/

they also have the BEST collection of Hawaiian/Islander recipes on the net!

and I got to the curevents.com....interesting stuff there sometimes...just have to becareful of the alarmists LOL

I predict that next person will check out AlohaWorld just for the heck of it ....

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