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Gratitude -January 11th 2008.


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Good morning,

Thusrday already,

week goes fast.

Grateful for all the snow

melting we had during the

mild weather, gave us a feeling

of spring and renewed our faith

that spring will the next season.

Now from my deck of cards (Nova)


Friendships begun in this

world can be taken up again

in heaven, never to be broken


(Francis de Sales)


A friend sent me two decks of

card made by the

*Christian art gifts*

one is 101 Promises from God for Joyful Living

the other one is

*101 Blessings for my Friend*

Have a good day.


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Good morning Jackie and friends:

Grateful that I have not caught the cold that has been circulating in our household as of yet.

Grateful for my "critters" who help me see what true, unconditional love is day after day.

Grateful for trials and new medicines that continue to come into play in an effort to help the many people affected by cancer.


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So are we two days worth of grateful today? :wink:

For Jan. 10th, I am grateful for my younger (I can't say 'little' any more) brother--it's his birthday today! He has always been such a great support to me, and his little baby girl has been a real blessing for us.

As for the 11th? I suppose as long as I wake up, I'll be grateful for the day. Friday, right? Bunko with friends.

I am truly grateful for our dear Jackie and the reminders to seek out the positive in life. I'm having a lot of trouble with that right now, but am training myself to look for the positives each day, thanks to these posts.


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