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I posted last evening my latest scan results. I was still experiencing the effects of the medication I was given in the afternoon. Today is a new day and I am more clear-headed. Thanks to everyone who propped me up with well wishes and confidence that all will be right. It is much appreciated.

I have belonged to this board close to 3-1/2 years. During most of that time I have been privileged to receive NED after NED after NED results. And during that same time I have been totally humbled by the courage and fortitude and positive attitudes of those not as fortunate as I. Some of those folks are still here offering me support at this time, and some of those have moved on to a better place.

Because of all I have learned from all those folks, I am not going into a frenzy at this time. I would be so totally embarrassed to come here falling apart right now. It will be what it will be no matter what. So the point of this post is simply to say that I have been inspired over these years by so many here. Because of them all, I have the strength to be still and let things be.

Thank you to those here who have equipped me with what is needed to deal with such situations. Hopefully those in 'another' place will know I am deeply indebted to them as well.

I struggled with just where to place this post, but decided Inspirational because I have been inspired by everyone here. Thank you for all you offer.


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