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Getting to Know You - January 10


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Let's imagine that you've been asked to write an autobiography of your life and you're limited to 50 chapters. You finish the book, only to find you have 51 chapters and you must delete one. Which chapter of your life would you leave out of the story?

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I think I would omit the chapter about my teenage years. Although my teenage years were good, they were a bit boring compared to other times in my life and would mean very little to a reader.

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some days I fell like i'd erase the whole darn thing.lol. As it is...I am tempted to say the cancer chapter, but I truly believe that this chapter isn't finished yet and something good will come out of it, not sure what, but something good. I'm going to go with the high school college years. Only because I had A LOT of FUN, but knowing what I know now, I would have worked harder in High School and gone to a bigger college for undergrad and had MORE FUN.

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