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Way to GO Welthy!!


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Welthy- "Deb" has been a member of LCSC since March 2006 and has made over 2,000 posts now!

Way to go!!

Thank you for continuing to be here in support of so many others. Here's to many more!!!

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Gee, thanks scman and JB for pointing out the obvious! :roll::roll: I did ask for a roll of duct tape for Christmas to tape my fingers together, but alas, I didn't find it in my stocking.

Must come from being the youngest of seven and the only girl. My voice was never heard in my youth, so I babble through my old age. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! :D

This IS rather embarrassing though... :oops:

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You keep right on typing away! :D

You make me laugh, and you have all of that chemo wisdom in your noggin!!!(I never would have thought of the name of Harry's new chemo, if you hadn't reminded me!)

I'm counting on you to back me up! (Lord, we're BOTH in trouble!!! hahahahaha!) :D:D:D:wink:

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Debi - I really thought you were a doctor from the many posts I have read ... that is how impressive and well rounded you are in your knowledge. I am in awe of 2000 posts - just imagine all those you have helped with each and every one of those. From a newbie - thanks for the time invested to help us all. Despite your recent loss you are still there to help others - you are definitely something special. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.


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