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New treatment plan decided upon & set!!

Guest hearrean

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Guest hearrean

Well, I have made the decision to go the chemo/radiation route and do so here in my home-town instead of continuing at MD Anderson. I met yesterday with one of the Radiation Oncs at The Cancer Center of SE Texas & really, really liked him! They will be using IMRT technology and he explained everything to me & spent over an hour just talking with me. I went back in today to get set-up, marked, etc. Since my chemo will start back this coming Tuesday (1/15), they have my radiation set to start the following Monday (1/21). The radiation will then continue daily (5 days per week) X 7 weeks. Chemo will continue weekly throughout the duration of the radiation. The Doc did tell me that it was great that I didn't have side affects from the chemo this last time, but that when doing radiation & chemo together, the side affects of both tend to be increased. He said I might be lucky & be one of approx. 10% who have no issues at all, but not to expect that & just be prepared. He did say that it's possible that chemo might have to be stopped for a week if the side affects get too bad. So I'm pretty nervous about just what side affects I might have, particularly since I did so well on just the chemo by itself, but what will be, will be & I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

He did tell me about a new injectable drug that could cut down about 20% of the side affects of radiation, but it has it's own side affects & is expensive (about $500 per shot) & my prescription plan doesn't appear to cover it. It's given about 30 minutes before each radiation treatment starts & you must be lying down when it's given. I can't remember it's name, but I'm going to do without it anyway & just do the best I can.


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Ken - so happy that you really like the rad onc and that he spent time explaining things and making you feel comfortable.

Wishing you the very best with your treatments and minimal side effects. It's pretty crazy that a drug given to minimize side effects can cause side effects...hoping you will be in that 10% and none of it will be an issue.


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Congrats on the decision being made and best wishes for smooth sailing. My mom also experienced minimal side effects when she was just doing chemo (fatigue only). She is doing concurrent chemo/rad now and continues with no additional side affects - the fatigue is just more pronounced, but she is still keeping up many of her normal activities.



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