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A little scared


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To my friends,

I thought I would tell you that I'm getting nervous now that the adrenolectomy surgery is around the corner. They called me from the hospital today to tell me that my surgery monday morning is at 7:30 AM ET. I need to be at the hospital at 6:30 AM which means I'm leaving my house at 5:30 AM or so. Now that it is soo near I am really getting scared. I tell myself not too worry but I'm always fearful of complications. I also think what if I wake up and my husband tells me that they found a ton of cancer and couldn't move forward, how will I take that kind of news. I try to pretend to everyone that I'm not scared and this is no big deal but deep down I am always terrified. Anyhow, I know many of you understand what I'm feeling. just thought I would share my thoughts on surgery.


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Hey Lilly,

I faced a very scary surgery as well. Hopefully there really is no need to be scared, but if you do find canceer, better to know now than when it is much later. Prayers that this is your ticket to better results and road to remission and/or recovery.


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Just wish I could take your worry

away as you have the week end in

front of you.


''Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble” (Matthew 6:34 - NKJV).''


Sending prayers for Monday.


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Hi Lilly,

I know what you mean about the fear, you would think that at some point we would be so used to living with fear that the fear would kind of take a back seat. Yet somehow it always manages to rear its ugly head.

I have a good friend who is always reminding me that "it is what it is", and it's so true. Worry about what you know, not about what may be. At this point the cancer in you "is what it is", and worrying won't change that. Life is so precious we don't want to waste it with worrying about things out of our control. Hopefully they will find no other cancer and we can all head to the pub. And if they do find something, you are strong and you will deal with it then, and we all head to the pub.

I'm praying that the surgery goes well and successfully with no surprises.


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