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Oh Boy - a New PET/CT scan


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Actually, to a layman, the report looks great to me except maybe the following;

Findings: Diminished FDG localization is demonstrated in the anterior tip of the left temporal lobe corresponding on the CT images to an area of encephalomalacia. This may be secondary to previous radiation therapy. There is a small area of increased FDG localization seen in the left pariental lobe just posterior to the sylvian fissure. Otherwise homogeneous FDG distribution is demonstrated throughout the other cerebral structures.

The remainder of the report was quite assuring that everything else is stable. That's all I have until I visit with the oncologist next week.


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There's always something to keep us worked up a bit, huh Puppy????? I see what your concern is ~ would be to me too. I'm anxious to hear what onc says about it. Mauybe I can learn something about reading these reports! Good luck and don't forget to let us know when you know, okay?


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