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Gratitude - January 12th 2008.


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Good Saturday and a nice

week end to all.

Grateful that yesterday was

a stay at home day, the weather

was very bad and when you have

what you need at home it is easy

to look at the bad weather and be

grateful that you can stay in.


''Hope'' is the thing with feathers

that perches in the soul; and sings

the tunes without the words, and never

stops at all.

(Emily Dickinson)


Have a good week end.



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I am grateful, Jackie, that you have decided to include an inspirational quote each day. Now of course what YOU write is inspirational too......but you know what I mean.

I am grateful for such supportive folks here (and knowledgable) who help us through rough patches.

I am grateful there is a next tx plan for Tracy which may just the THE one to turn things around for her.

I'm just grateful for many things this AM. It's nice to take time to reflect upon that.


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I am grateful today is antique day. Every Saturday I go and meet a group of older women at an antique shop to see who can get the best buy. Today my mom made cake, I am hoping they'll be so excited about the cake that they'll be kind and not knock me over for an item they want (not a chance-- little old ladies are strong when a good deal is involved cake or no cake).

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Grateful for what I hope will be a lazy, fun day. No alarm clock woke me up, and I sat around in my PJs until I finished a book. Off to my boy's basketball game, and back for some time around the house. We never get those kind of days anymore!

Wishing a happy Saturday to you all!


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