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Hello All You Wonderful Friends!!!!!

Connie B

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Hi De Ho Friends!!! :wink:

I'm BAAAAACCCCCK!!!! :D Having a good day today! But what a bumpy road this has been! Had NO IDEA it would be this bumpy! But, I'm still here!!!!

I can't tell you how good it feels to be sitting here by the computer and able to post a message to you all.

THANK YOU ALL for your LOVE & SUPPORT! WE HONESTLY couldn't have done it without all of you! It really gave us the extra push to fight. YOUR THE BEST!

I'm going to keep this short because this is my first time away from my nest upstairs. Not feeling to bad, and the pain is doing okay. SO, lets hope I'm on the MEND!

I'll be back soon. My Love to you ALL!

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Happy Tears Here!!! Now this is the day that I've been waiting for.. How wonderful to see you post , Connie. Your update sounds wonderful. Keep up the good work and we will keep up the prayers. Hope you will just get better and better. You are doing it Connie... You are doing it... Party hats and noise makers all 'round...



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Connie..Connie...Connie...I am sooooooo happy to see your smiling face...I am doing the 'huckle bug'...You did it kiddo...like we all knew you would..I just came on line to look for an update on you and when I saw.."ConnieB...I hollered..."YIPPEE'

My hb said 'what are you yelling about'...I said

'Connie B' is back...PRAISE GOD!!!

Talk to you soon my friend...don't overdue now...we want you to stay put...I wish I was close so I could see you....so happy for you..our prayers have been answered...

much love...Pam

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this deserves a round at the "PUB" this evening. Ya can't keep a Good woman down thas fer sure :lol::lol: so very happy to be readinf Connie B's post tonite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The day I've prayed for has arrived!!!!!! You have no idea how comforting it is to have you posting again, Connie. I've been holding my breath for some time now. It feels good to finally exhale.

Now don't you dare overdo. In fact, get yourself back to bed and rest up. Tomorrow is another day. Bless you, Connie.



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Welcome back, Connie. It's good to see you posting again. Take it easy, tho.

Randy has invited everyone to the Pub for a drink on this happy occasion. Great idea, but are you sure you should be drinking? How will a drink mix with your pain meds? Go slow at the Pub. :lol::lol:

Glad you're feeling better.


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